About Us

About Us2018-10-06T13:50:10+03:00

At Integration TV, we believe stories empower success. We are the first English language online TV connecting Somali communities of diverse backgrounds to share inspiring stories that enhance our society.

We reach Somalis around the world. Our viewership includes Horn of Africa including Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti and the Somali Diaspora in Canada, USA, UK, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Australia, India, China, Malaysia, and Turkey.

We’re committed to setting a new standard for television content, where those outside of and inside of our communities benefit from shared stories.

Our goal is to enlighten, empower and inspire through the power of storytelling while sharing Somali success & learning from the success of others globally. Sharing with a community, where future generations benefit from stories of struggle and attainment of success in Africa and diaspora.

We aim to enhance society & the lives of Somalis as we share inspirational talks, books, success stories and vibrant discussions about social issues and showcase Somalia to a new generation of Somalis around the world.